FSC 100% pod mahogany

As the name Pod mahogany (Afzelia quanzensis) suggests, this species shares the favourable appearance, stability and durability characteristics associated with true South American mahogany, although it is considerably heavier and harder.

FSC pod mahogany

Pod mahogany is very similar to other Afzelia species from West and Central Africa, often marketed under the trade names Afzelia and Doussie.

Pod mahogany technical specification

Pod mahogany is considered valuable in a wide variety of applications where durability and stability are important, including boat building, decking, flooring, window and doors and musical instruments.

Pod mahogany processing images

FSC pod mahogany grain measurement WP

FSC Tanzanian hardwoods Density - hardness chart 2 WP

Pod mahogany shares similar density and hardness characteristics with merbau, doussie and bubinga.

FSC Tanzanian hardwoods Qualities chart 2 WP

Pod mahogany is identical to doussie and wenge in all working properties.

Although similar to merbau in terms of density and hardness properties, Pod mahogany is both more durable and stable.

Similarly with bubinga it is more durable.

FSC Pod mahogany standing tree


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