7 Nov 2013

FSC / Fairtrade dual labelling offers opportunities for product differentiation in an increasingly legal market

International timber markets have undergone a major shake down in recent years. High profile Lacey Act investigations and the introduction of EU Timber Regulation have driven a focus on supply chain transparency to the point that in order to gain market access, legal assurance is no longer an option but is rapidly becoming a necessity. […]

10 Oct 2013

Press Release – Newly Available FSC 100% Fair Trade Hardwoods from Tanzania

Four newly available FSC 100% fair trade hardwood species will be launched on international wood markets in 2014: FSC 100% East African padauk (Pterocarpus angolensis) FSC 100% Pod mahogany (Afzelia quanzensis) FSC 100% Panga panga (Millettia stuhlmannii) FSC 100% African lignum vitae (Acacia nigrescens) The wood originates from the same community-managed forests that produce FSC […]

29 Nov 2012

Kijawa – A Community Forest Management Success Story

About 90km east of Kilwa Masoko, the region capital of Kilwa District in Lindi Region, sits a small village called Nainokwe. The isolated village of 540 residents and 117 households boasts 8,000 hectares of forest reserve which is gifted with all kinds of trees and different animals like antelopes, elephants, leopards and buffaloes, among others. […]

13 Jul 2012

Sound and Fair achieves FSC CoC certification

Sound and Fair Ltd has achieved FSC® Chain of Custody certification. Sound and Fair Limited is a member of the Oxford Timber Audits FSC Chain of Custody Group which is certified by Smartwood. Chain of Custody number: SW-COC-005535 KO